Preventive healthcare involves a multi-faceted approach that includes veterinary evaluation of your pet’s overall health and risks of disease or other health problems. Based on the findings, your veterinarian will provide you with recommendations for your pet’s nutrition, dental care, vaccinations and heartworm/flea/tick prevention, as well as recommendations specifically tailored to your pet’s health status and risk factors.

Nobody wants to see a loved one suffer, including a beloved dog. Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic of Peoria now does laparoscopic surgery for spaying, gastropexies and other abdominal procedures.

Meadowbrook is the only veterinary clinic in the Peoria area doing the minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. The clinic invested in this service, including hours of special training, because it means less surgical trauma for the pet.

As with laparoscopic surgery for humans:

  • A small incision is made
  • A small camera is inserted that allows organs to be seen and procedures done.
  • Because incisions are small, there is less chance for infection and post-op complications.
  • The patient will have less pain and will need less time to recover.

For now laparoscopic surgery is used mostly for spaying and for abdominal exploration when a problem needs a diagnosis. It is used for dogs who weigh 40 pounds or more.

Gastropexy surgery: At Meadowbook Veterinary Clinic, we use laparoscopic surgery for gastropexy surgery, which could save the life of your dog. This surgery is used to attach a dog’s stomach to the body wall to prevent the stomach from bloating and twisting, a condition that is often fatal because gases and air get trapped, preventing circulation to the stomach.

Most affected are large breeds, including Great Danes, Saint Bernards and German Shepherds, but the condition can affect any sized dog.

If your dog becomes agitated with unproductive wretching, weakness and the appearance of bloating in the abdomen, he or she needs immediate care. Contact Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic and let us find the cause and treat the condition.

Any surgery performed on an animal that isn’t orthopedic is soft tissue surgery. At Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic our veterinarians are highly skilled and experienced surgeons equipped to perform a wide range procedures.

Soft tissue surgery can include the removal of mass, bladder problems, removal of kidney stones or other intestinal surgery.

Among the symptoms of problems in an animal are:

  • Abnormal lumps or bumps
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Problems urinating
  • Vomiting
  • Painful ears

Once a diagnosis is made, all surgical pets are examined and thoroughly evaluated, including pre-anesthetic blood work, to make sure the organs are working the way they should and if there are other possible health problems.

Each operation at Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic is performed under an individualized anesthetic plan and one of our certified and skilled veterinary technicians will monitor your pet before, during and after the surgery.

The likelihood your pet will have pain after surgery is high, as with any surgery involving soft tissue and cutting into the body. Pain medications and nerve blocks may be prescribed after the surgery to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

Once home, you should continue to monitor your pet. A good way to determine if he or she is having pain is by the attitude and heart rate. Consider this: if you are in pain your heart rate is usually faster and your attitude isn’t real good. The difference is, your pet can’t put it into words.

There may be occasions when illness or injury requires the veterinarians at Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic to keep your pet under close observation while being treated. That is when we will recommend he or she be hospitalized with us.

At Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic you can be sure our veterinarians and specially trained staff will carefully and closely monitor your pet’s condition while he or she is with us.

Most stays in our hospital are for a day or two. However, it is possible some critical patients that must be kept overnight or through the weekend will be referred to the Tri-County Animal Emergency Clinic in Peoria.

Hospitalization usually is required:

  • After surgery, when it is necessary to make sure your pet remains in stable condition.
  • When monitoring post-surgery or to gauge response to medication is important.
  • When it is necessary to administer medications through IV or catheter.
  • When you pet is sedated.

There may come a time, Heaven forbid, when your pet’s illness or injury requires him to be monitored very closely by medical staff. At Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic we have an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in place at our hospital for that purpose.

When that happens, you can be sure your pet is getting the best treatment and care possible from our veterinarians and specially trained staff.

What may be a cause for treatment in our ICU?

  • Serious injury or illness.
  • When the patient’s condition needs to be stabilized or kept there.
  • When the patient must be sedated.
  • When medications are administered through IV or catheter.

Most stays in our hospital are for a day or two. However, it is possible some critical patients that must be kept overnight or through the weekend will be referred to the Tri-County Animal Emergency Clinic in Peoria.

Your pet’s care is very important to us at Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic. We want you to feel comfortable we will do everything possible to enable your pet to walk out of our hospital well on his way to recovery.

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What our customers say...

Darcy B.

As a new patient, these folks went above and beyond to get my girl, Isis, in real quick and put my worst fears at ease. Everyone was very professional and took great care of both Isis and myself. I would recommend the Meadowbrook Team to everyone. Good vibes here! Your thoroughness and making sure I understood everything that was going on, is what I liked most about my visit!

Darcy B.

I’ve been a Meadowbrook customer for 30 yrs. the staff are always friendly and professional. Not one complaint. You can trust that your pet is being treated with love and care.

Bethany W.

This clinic is amazing. I have taken my pets here for many years and they have treated them for everything from yearly exams to emergencies. The doctors and staff are always accommodating to our pets needs and show them compassion. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and feel that our pets have always gotten very good care here.

Bethany W.

Jenna L.

We’ve been going here for years. The staff is all super friendly and helpful! You can tell that they truly care about every animal that walks through the door.

Jenna L.

Anne H.

Dr. G and Dr. W have been amazing and instrumental in getting Penny healthy. She is thriving and so very happy!!

Anne H.