One orange cat in Bark District boarding room.
Luxury boarding for cats and dogs at Bark District with pet cams.


Just gotta get away and can’t take Fluffy or Fido along? We understand. That’s why Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic has opened the Meadowbrook Bark District at the new Meadowbrook North facility on Allen Road.

We offer boarding to our clients because we want you to enjoy your time away knowing your pet will be safe and comfortable staying with us.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff can administer any special diets or medications your pet needs.

When you bring your pet to us for boarding, you can expect

  • Our trained staff will carefully watch your pet for signs of anxiety or illness.
  • Watering and feeding needs will be met, making sure meals are nutritious and healthy.
  • The attention your pet gets with us may be as good as they get at home. Shoot, maybe better.

Our facilities offer pets room to run and exercise, comfortable sleeping and eating arrangements and temperature controlled quarters.

Feel free to visit our facilities so you can see for yourself our kennels are clean and safe. That way you’ll feel more comfortable about where your pet will be boarded while you’re off on vacation.

Remember, too, that you can arrange for your pet to be groomed during his or her visit with us. That way Fido or Fluffy will be prim and proper – and probably very spoiled – when you pick them up.

You also may want to fit in some training for your pet while they are our guest. Wouldn’t it be nice to return to find your sometimes-unruly pet better disciplined?

Yes, we do all these things at the Meadowbrook Bark District.

Call us to arrange a visit to the Meadowbrook Bark District. We’ll discuss rates and policies and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Boarding Info

All prices are per night.

Cat Condo




    • Basic accommodations


    • Quiet, private indoor/outdoor areas, TVs, special decor
    • Free webcam access

    Share-A-Suite Rates

    • Suite: $22/per additional dog
    • Luxury: $33/per additional dog
    • Puppies (0-9 months, 2 extra let outs) $5/per night
    • Flea treatment (required once per stay) $7

    All prices are per night.

    Dog Suite



      Dog Suite



        Dog Suite


        Extra Large

          Luxury Dog Suite



            Pickup Times

            Monday – Saturday: Before 12 pm
            Sunday: 3 pm – 5 pm

            After 12 pm


            Monday - Saturday



              During pickup hours



                Complimentary with 3-night stay

                  Extra Treats


                  Per night

                    Nail Trim


                      60% Off Daycare While Boarding

                      Half Day


                        Full Day


                          60% Off One-On-One Time While Boarding

                          Half Day


                            Full Day


                              Does Fido Need a Reservation?

                              Contact us today with questions or to book a stay!

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                              April 22, 2021

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