Hallway with luxury boarding rooms at the Bark District.

Video streaming of luxury boarding is provided as a free service from the Meadowbrook Bark District, located at our North facility on Herriot Lane. The service has been designed to run as simple as possible, but it is not a guarantee and this service does not come with technical support. As it is a free service, there are no refunds for boarding if the video service is unavailable for any period of time.

Free video streaming is only available in our dog luxury boarding suites, which also includes private indoor/outdoor areas, TVs, and special decor. There is currently no option for video steaming in the basic accommodation suites and cat condos. Pricing and additional information for our suites and condos can be found on our Boarding page.

To access the video streaming service for your dog’s luxury boarding room, type in the password that was sent to your email into your dog’s assigned suite number. Once the information has been added, press access to view the room. If you have lost the password to your dog’s suite, please contact the North Meadowbrook facility.

Additional services, such as training and grooming, can be booked while your pet is boarding with us. Our trained and knowledgeable staff can administer any special diets and medication to your pet, while also carefully watching over them for signs of any anxiety or illness. Book a reservation for your pet today and call us at (309) 682-6665.

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