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As with dental care, taking care of your pet’s eyes is important for his or her well-being. At Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic our veterinarians are skilled and experienced in diagnosing and treating many problems. We make eye examinations part of routine check-ups.

If needed, we will refer some cases to animal eye care specialists. We want to be sure your pet gets the best possible care.

Some of the most common eye ailments in dogs and cats are cataracts and glaucoma. We also see a lot of dry eyes and scratched corneas. Eyelid problems also are fairly common.

Some of the things pet owners need to look for when doing home exams are:

  • Your pet’s eyes should be bright and clear and the area around the eyeball should be white. Pupils should be equal in size.
  • Tearing, discharge or crust in the corners of the eyes could indicate a problem.
  • The lining of the lower eyelid should be pink, not red or white.
  • There should not be any cloudiness in the eyes or a change in color.
  • Bulging of the eye, which can indicate injury.
  • A visible third eyelid.

Pet owners should take a closer look if the animal’s eyes get watery on a frequent basis or if Fido starts pawing at his eyes as if irritated. Eye injuries in pets are not all that uncommon. Nor are chronic problems.

If you spot any of these problems or have other concerns about your pet’s eyes, bring him or her to Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic. We will do a full eye examination to rule out some problems and figure out what is going on. 

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