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Ok, so your pet isn’t going to freak out when he looks at his reflection on the refrigerator and spots a zit. But that doesn’t mean taking good care of his skin isn’t important.

In fact, dogs and cats suffer from many problems with their skin, which makes them uncomfortable. In fact, at Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic, we have found skin problems like dermatitis are actually pretty common, which is why one of our veterinarians has taken special training for it.

Skin disorders in pets can be serious and we take them seriously. Some disorders can be malignant and involve the skin, hair, ears and nails of dogs or cats.

Among the dermatology services Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic offers are skin cytology and biopsies, each involving taking tissue samples for close examination to determine the disease.

The most common skin ailments for pets include:

  • Dermatitis
  • Yeast infection
  • Impetigo
  • Ringworm
  • Seborrhea

Some ailments may be borne by fleas or ticks or other parasites. Controlling these is a key part of any treatment plan, At Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic we individualize every treatment plan to ensure your pet is getting the right treatment.

So if you spot something on your pet’s skin that doesn’t look right, bring him or her in. At the very least keep a close eye on it and if it worsens or spreads, take action.

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