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When a pet’s behavior changes, that is one of the times you wish he could talk, so he could tell you what’s going on to cause the change.

Since that can’t happen, Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic will work with you and your pet to find out the cause and then the best treatment plan. Training is often part of that plan.

Among the most common behavioral issues are:

  • Cats suddenly stop using a litter box
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sensitivity to noise
  • Destructive chewing
  • Barking
  • Aggression

These are, of course, more alarming when they are changes in a pet’s normal behavior. So what can you do about it?

At Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic we start by taking the pet’s complete history. We study his or her lifestyle before adoptions and after and look into the environmental in which he or she lives. Then we look for what has changed.

Included in our evaluation will be a physical examination, temperament evaluation and, if indicated, diagnostic testing so we can rule out any underlying medical conditions that could be causing the behavioral issue. After all, a pet in pain will behave like his or her human – different than normal.

After we figure out a cause we will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan specific to your pet. It may include changing the way you treat your pet or possibly even an environmental change to see what difference it makes. It also may include certain training recommendations to break the pet of bad behavior and possibly medications.

At Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic we believe that with time and patience – and the willingness for both – any behavioral issue can be overcome. Give us a call. 

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