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What to Expect on your First Day of Doggie Daycare


Although you know your dog is about to have a wonderful time, they don’t have any idea what to expect. They will get their cues from you on whether they should be worried, sad, anxious or happy. The calmer you are, the better they will feel. The less time spent saying your good-byes and hugging, the better. This is a fun day, and you should both be happy to be here. The sooner you leave, the sooner they will begin to adapt to their new environment and stop worrying about you.

When you pick up

Try not to be seen by your pet when arriving. Come into the reception desk and we will begin checking you out as soon as possible. We will send someone to go fetch your dog. If your dog sees you before you are ready to take them home, it will be harder to get them ready. Although they have had a fun and active day they will be glad to see you and will want to share all of their excitement of their day with you.

When you get home

This has been quite a day for your dog. They were probably too excited to eat, sleep or drink much, and maybe even too busy to go potty often enough. Water is available to every dog 24 hours a day. They are let out several times a day (and with nice weather play outside), but it may have just been a low priority for them with all the activities going on.

Do not overfeed your dog or let them drink too much water when they get home. They will probably vomit if they eat or drink too much too quickly. Feed them their normal meal and they will catch up on their eating and sleeping shortly.

Don’t be worried if your dog is lethargic and very tired. That’s what daycare is all about! Your dog has spent the day playing and being with the pack, and now they are tired. Since they are not used to working and playing all day, they might be tired for a few days!

Common things that happen in daycare

Dogs play and may play very hard. Scrapes, dirt and damp necks are to be expected. Of course, we’ll do everything we can to prevent your dog from getting injured and we will notify you if they do get hurt.

Sore feet is another common problem. They have gone from grass and carpet to running and jumping on a harder surface. Watch for blisters, and report any problems to the Bark District or Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic. They will eventually build up tougher pads and this won’t continue to happen.

Group play and exposure

Just like daycare for kids, dogs will be exposed to many new things at daycare. New smells, new play styles, new breed of dogs. Dogs will be exposed to new elements, new surfaces and new toys. The floors and water buckets are disinfected daily, the outside is also sanitized regularly. Every precaution is taken to ensure your dog’s safety and all dogs attending daycare are required to be up-to-date on their vaccinations and fecal examination. The exposure to your dog is no greater than a dog park, a pet store or a walk in the local park.


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