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Rules and Regulations for Doggie Daycare

To ensure the safety and health of all animals, customers and staff at Meadowbrook Bark District, we require all clients to comply with the following rules and regulations in addition to filling out the daycare enrollment form and liability waiver online or in person.

  • Vaccinations

    All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations. You must submit written verification of the vaccinations from your veterinarian. It is your responsibility to provide on-going verification of current vaccines. The vaccinations we require include:

    • Distemper
    • Bordetella (kennel cough)
    • Rabies
    • Canine Influenza
  • Fecal Examination and Parasites
    • Proof of a negative fecal exam within 90 days of starting daycare, and then yearly thereafter.
    • Your dog must be on a yearly flea preventative program
  • Spay/Neuter
    • Any dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered
  • Behavior
    • All dogs must pass the Meadowbrook Bark District behavior assessment for enrollment in our program. All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. Please remember that your pet will be spending time with other pets and that their safety and health is our main priority. Keep in mind, although it is supervised play, your dog may still acquire the occasional nip or scratch.
  • Ages
    • All ages welcome
  • Hours of Operation
    • Monday through Friday 6 am to 6 pm.
    • Please note: Meadowbrook Bark District closes promptly at 6pm. If you cannot return to pick up your pet by closing, a late fee of $25 applies and your dog will be boarded at the standard lodging rate. You do have the option of lodging your pet for the evening, as well, at the standard lodging rate.
  • Fees
    • Due and payable at the end of each day. Cash, check and all major credit cards are accepted. Discount packages are provided and apply only if they are paid in advance. Pre-paid packages are non-refundable.


Agreement for Attendance at Meadowbrook Bark District Day Care

  • Every dog reacts differently. Animals by nature, are unpredictable, and therefore present a certain level of risk when participating in group activities. The Bark District staff will make every effort to keep a safe and fun environment for all participants and to minimize injuries to all dogs in daycare I agree to hold the Meadowbrook Bark District harmless and free of any and all liability in relation to my dog’s stay at the Bark District
  • In case of emergency or illness, I authorize the Bark District and Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic North to seek medical attention as needed. I understand and agree that I am responsible for any damages or injury incurred while my dog is in the care of Meadowbrook Bark District. The Bark District will make every effort to contact me before providing my dog medical treatment through Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic, but if they are unable to reach me, I hereby authorize Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic to examine and treat my dog in my absence. I accept responsibility for, and agree to pay any and all medical bills for my dog arising from emergency medical care judged to be medically necessary by the attending veterinarian.
  • Dogs at play during regular daycare can get dirty. A bath and brush out can be requested and scheduled at an additional cost. Excessively long toenails may cause injury. I will be notified if my dog’s nails are too long, and if at the next visit the nails have not been trimmed, Meadowbrook Bark District will have them trimmed at my expense.
  • Any behavior deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Meadowbrook Bark District personnel may result in dismissal of my dog(s) from the program.
  • Photographs, videos or other digital recordings will be taken at the facility of dogs, customers and staff on a regular basis for use in advertising by Meadowbrook Bark District. I have Meadowbrook Bark District permission to use, reproduce or alter images in print or electronic format, including on the internet.


1624 W. War Memorial Dr.
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9802 N Herriot Ln
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(309) 682-6665


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